Dave certainly knows what he is doing and does so in a very encouraging way. He understands my limitations and works around them. The space is cheerful and clean and very professional. I feel like I am limber and walking spritely when I leave each session.

- Kay Gray

Dave is a great teacher and a tireless and meticulous ally in strengthening the body from the core on outward! He is thoughtful, funny and classes are actually fun. Pilates has been great for awareness of my posture and strength in my belly and back. I highly recommend Pilates on Main, for everyone.

- Hope Ives Mauran

I have been practicing Pilates under David’s direction for close to four years. During that time, I have increased my strength and flexibility and have improved both my posture and balance. David has exceptional instruction and communication skills and provides a welcoming and supportive environment for students of all ages at all levels. The studio is light and airy with beautiful artwork decorating the walls. Classes are a comfortable size, allowing David to provide personalized attention to each student while keeping the class flowing smoothly. It is without hesitation that I recommend Pilates on Main and encourage anyone with an interest in this fitness modality to contact David and get started on your road to wellness and vibrant health.

- Susan Barry

David is a wonderful trainer! He has a knack for asking a little more than you thought you could give - hence, the progress. And he’s also kind, funny, and sensitive. I recommend him highly.

- Nanno Bienstock

Always look forward to attending pilates classes. David is “spot on” helping his students achieve the maximum benefits of exercises, adapted to individual needs. The results are evident in my improved posture and core strength in abdominals. He is excellent; a good balance of constructive instruction and a great sense of humor.

- Sandi Gottesman

I walk out of every session feeling lighter and stronger! I have a long history of lower-back pain, and this is the best antidote I’ve ever encountered. David has worked with me to improve strength, flexibility, and posture–things that not only help me in my day-to-day life, but also the martial arts I practice. Very thankful!

- Sebastian Smith

Our family has taken pilates from David for the past four years. David is an excellent teacher, able to cater to a class of multiple skill levels while challenging each person individually and still managing to keep it fun. Pilates never felt like exercise with David. Through varied routines and a great atmosphere, none of us ever felt ourselves looking at the clock. I would recommend David’s class to anyone at any skill level looking for a great workout in a fun environment.

- Sarah and Meagan Vincett

After taking one group and one private Pilates class per week for a couple of months, I felt ready to put on a bikini for the first time in years. David’s classes are fun and he conducts them in a way that is instructive, supportive and effective.

- Robin Hayes

I studied privately with David for two years. David is a cheerful, dedicated teacher who motivates all of his students just because he cares. That’s the first thing that you’ll notice. And then you’ll discover that David knows every exercise in the book. David created a challenging pilates program that helped me to achieve my objectives. David’s experience in teaching is broad and he is able to incorporate dance and other fitness regimens with pilates techniques to develop unique programs for students of all abilities. With David, you can succeed in mastering pilates, whether it be on the mat, foam roller, ball, reformer or cadillac.

- Glen Newell

After my second child I was letting myself go and was having pain in my lower back every morning. I have been a member of David’s class for only a month now and have seen such a difference in my body and my mood. I look forward to going and never want to miss a class. My pain in gone and I know I am a better mom since I am taking better care of myself these days. (July 2008) The studio is a beautiful and relaxing setting to be in. David is a wonderful mentor for better health. Pilates isn’t just a core workout, it can be a metaphor for how you approach all movements in your daily life.

- Heidi DiPonio